About Us

Ritus Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a One Stop Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical / Microbiology Laboratory Solutions company. We provide managed supply of standard pre-poured media, custom-made, formulated pre-poured media, custom-made sterile-ware, Hygiene monitoring supplies and consultancy on clean-room and cold-room facilities.

We act as the media preparation room for our customers, cutting down on lengthy and expensive formulations, time wastage, We provide Faster turn-around time for busy laboratories doing investigations, Faster release of products, cost saving on Media Quality Checks and Overall cost savings with respect to staff and products release.

We are based in Singapore and we supply the regionsí biggest Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical companies as well as research centres and hospitals. We have offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Philippines, India and Republic of Ireland. We also have representatives in New Zealand, Australia and other countries for our in-house designed and manufactured Sterile-Ware.

Our current factory includes a plastic manufacturing in Hong Kong. A 10000 square foot cold storage facility in Singapore. Another 5000 square foot dry store and 2 office one in the city and one at our warehouse.

We were established in 2005 to concentrate on the growing PPM business in the part of the world. Growing from a 3 men operations to more then 15 staff in our fold today in Singapore. We have also established SOP and standards which align closely with pharma and infant formulation standards making our own SOP as good as these industry leaders.